Why Stride?

The benefits of riding the StreetStrider are numerous, from the level of personal health to societal health to global health. By StreetStriding, we improve our overall fitness and personal health, which helps reduce health care costs that lead to the associated societal benefits. We also reduce our carbon footprint, which works against climate change and improves global health.

In the following sections, we will discuss each of these and provide links for further reading.

Personal Health

The benefits of regular exercise far outweigh almost every other therapy for most people. Conversely, if we remain sedentary, there is a commensurate rise in numerous pathologies.

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Societal Health

Promotion of regular exercise is one of the best methods for a society to maintain an elevated health status on the whole. Conversely, the lack of participation in regular exercise contributes to high health care costs and negative economic status.

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Global Health

Adopting sustainable lifestyle habits helps to ensure the health of an environment that in turn sustains us. Conversely, disregarding the human activities that impact global climate will inevitably lead to biological disruptions world wide and felt by all.

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