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Stand Up Bike: Why It's Good For You

Stand Up Bike: Why It's Good For You

There are lots of mental health benefits and physical benefits of getting up and moving your body every day. Whether you like a run, enjoy long walks at sunset, or practice your favorite sports with your friends in the park, exercise and physical activity have many long and short benefits for your health and happiness. You’ll reduce the risk of diseases and complications related to your health, like diabetes and heart conditions, improve your stamina and endurance, and even boost your happiness and self-esteem. 

Every person has unique and evolving fitness goals, and different personal plans and needs lend themselves to different workout activities. You can try out low impact activities that are easy on the joints and great for rehabilitation after an injury, blend the physical and mental in activities like yoga, or really push yourself to the next level by training for a marathon or triathlon. 

You also have the option of trying out unique and innovative tools and machines that can improve your workout and help you reach all of your fitness goals while staying healthy and positive. One of these exciting new resources coming into growing popularity is the stand up bike, and there are many great reasons you’ll want to take one for a ride today. 

What Is a Stand Up Bike?

As the name might indicate, a stand up bike is a bicycle-like device that you stand on instead of sitting in the saddle as you do with a traditional bike—and there are many benefits to standing over sitting

The stand up bike looks and rides like a combination of a few of your favorite workout machines, including the stationary bike from spin class and the classic elliptical, with a little bit of the treadmill thrown in. It has a bit of a futuristic vibe to it, but it serves as a fun and exciting way to get the workout you deserve. 

They don’t look like your classic bike because they don’t need to. The slightly larger pedals and elongated handlebars provide a full-body workout that can benefit every type of fitness enthusiast, from the dedicated runner to the beginner looking for an activity they love. Getting started is easy—after all, it’s just like riding a bike. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Stand Up Bike? 

If you’re still wondering about the community and personal health benefits of these exciting new workout tools and whether they’re right for you, that’s okay. These unique bikes look and ride differently than most of the work out gear we’re accustomed to, and it’s a good idea to learn about what makes them so useful and special. Here are a few of the top benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you try out a stand up bike. 

It’s Easy On The Joints

Stand up bikes are an example of low impact machines that allow you to get a great workout without putting too much strain or stress on your joints. If you’re recovering from a past injury in your knee or ankle, you’re older and worried about the health of your bones, or you just don’t want to concern yourself over the strain of running and biking on your joints, low impact activities are a great alternative. 

With a stand up bike, you’ll get all the benefits of a regular biking trip, like improved heart health, stamina, and muscle growth, but you’ll also have protected bones and joints, so you can continue to work out for years to come.

It Helps Burn Fat And Improve Weight Loss 

A stand up bike, like other innovative low-impact machines, including the outdoor elliptical, may have a reduced impact on your joints and bones, but it’s still an extremely effective method for burning fat and losing weight. You’ll break a sweat easily when you navigate in your new stand up bike, and you’ll start to see huge health and fitness changes in both the long and short term. 

It Improves Stamina and Endurance 

Biking is one of those great activities where you walk away feeling stronger and more confident in your physical abilities. When you get on a stand up bike, not only will you increase your stamina and endurance, but you’ll have greater control over your own body, thanks to the increased power and rider control of a standing bike. This bike will hold you accountable for your workout, and you’ll enjoy every ride. 

You Can Target Your Leg Muscles 

Standing machines can actually be used to target all the muscles and muscle systems in the body, but a bike is particularly great for toning your glutes, calves, and hamstrings. You’ll be able to hone in on your lower body muscles and increase strength and power, leveling up your resistance as you grow accustomed to the challenge. 

It’s More Comfortable

Unfortunately, with non-standing bikes, you can run the risk of discomfort from the location of the saddle and the necessity of sitting for long periods of time. When you stand on your bike, rather than sitting, you’ll get all the benefits of the workout without having to worry about getting the blood flowing back to your behind. 

On hot days or in wet weather, you also won’t have as many concerns about pants sticking to your legs or riding up when you sit. 

You’ll Enjoy The Great Outdoors And Protect The Environment

Every time you take out your standing bike, instead of a car or truck, you’re doing your part to help protect the environment and the earth—and having a great time while doing so. Stand up bikes are an excellent way to explore your neighborhood and beyond. 

Even if you can’t get out of the city or suburbs for the day, you’ll still know that you’re doing your part to reduce emissions and move around in a cleaner, more responsible way. Fresh air and sunshine are an important part of taking care of your body and your mind and protecting the earth has never been so much fun. 

What to Know About Using A Stand Up Bike

A stand up bike is very similar to the classic bicycle you learned how to ride when you were young, but there are a few key things that you’ll want to keep in mind when you head out on that first great adventure. 

To start, posture is important. While it’s true that proper posture will help you ride more efficiently and stay straight, posture is also key to keeping your body safe and to helping you balance on your stand up bike. If you hunch or move around too much, you run the risk of injuring or straining your muscles, which you want to avoid. 

You’ll want to use your legs and abs. You have a lot of strength in your leg muscles and your core, and if you find you’re struggling to turn or maintain control over the stand up bike, you’ll want to utilize those muscles for greater control and maximum power. Pay attention to what your muscles are telling you and pull back for any indication of pain or complication. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. Riding a stand up bike will probably feel a little different than what you’re accustomed to, and that’s okay. It takes time to learn how to balance and efficiently tackle tough terrains, and you might have to forget some of what you’ve been taught about bike riding. 

Be patient with yourself and continue practicing on unique and different terrains, like elevated areas, to get a sense of the bike and what you need to do to control it. You’ll be able to master the standing bike sooner than you think. 


There are many long-term health benefits to regular biking and physical activity, like reduced risk of cardiovascular complications, increased stamina and strength, and a boosted sense of happiness and self-esteem. When you head out on the open road or explore natural places on the back of a stand up bike, rather than a traditional one, you’ll get to enjoy all those great benefits without having to worry about health and physical wellness complications like strain or joint pain. 

A stand up bike in an innovative and exciting solution to practicing your favorite outdoor fitness activities without the drawbacks of pain or discomfort. Plus, they’re fun to ride, easy to take on long trips, and the whole family is sure to enjoy every stand up bike adventure. You’ll also know that you’re helping to reduce your impact on the environment by using a stand up bike to get around town, rather than a car. 

Taking your first ride on a stand up bike is fun and easy, and you’re going to love it every step—or pedal—of the way. Embrace your fitness plans and bring your health and wellness goals to life with the help of a stand up bike today. 



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