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The Perfect 30-Minute Workout

The Perfect 30-Minute Workout

If you’re thinking about starting to exercise more regularly, finding the perfect workout is a top priority. You’ll want something fun, no matter your fitness level, to keep you motivated and give you results that you can see and feel. 

If you’ve been exercising and feel like you’ve been focusing too much on cardio or strength training, you’ve probably been looking for the perfect workout to accomplish both more easily. As humans, we don’t crave monotony, but we do flourish under consistent routines. Finding the right workout will let you do pretty much the same thing, but you’ll be able to adapt it to challenge yourself and spice things up enough to keep it interesting. 

Maybe you’ve suffered an injury, and you’re just getting back into your exercise routine. You don’t want to risk re-injuring yourself, but you also don’t want to be sidelined indefinitely while you’re in recovery. A workout that can help you regain strength without the risk of damaging your injured area again could be the perfect workout for you. 

Thankfully, the perfect workout can handle all of these scenarios to meet your individual needs and goals, and it can be done in just thirty minutes. A thirty-minute workout just three to five times each week will help you meet the recommended amount of aerobic activity. It requires the same amount of time as a quick meal, and it can nourish your body in the way only a good workout can. So what is this perfect workout? 

Outdoor Elliptical Bike 

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of a gym or read a weight loss success story, you’ve probably seen or at least heard of an elliptical. They’re famous for being a low-impact, high-calorie burning workout. They’re great for cardio, but they also target your muscles to give you a full-body workout with the benefits of strength training. 

The drawback of a traditional elliptical is that you’re stuck inside. It’s a great workout, but staring at the same four walls or watching mindless TV at the gym can get boring really fast. However, thanks to the innovation from StreetStrider, being stuck inside while you get the benefits of an elliptical is a thing of the past. StreetStrider allows you to take the elliptical experience outdoors! 

But, can an elliptical really help you to accomplish your fitness goals? Can it really be the perfect thirty-minute workout? Well, let’s look at the most common fitness goals first.

Common Goals of Fitness 

Your fitness goals and your level of fitness are specific to you, but the odds are good that your goals fall under at least one of the common fitness aspirations. So, what are they?

Fat Loss

One of the most common goals, driving forces, and initial reasons for regular exercise is fat loss. Losing weight isn’t just about vanity. Weight loss can help your health, and it’s one of the first suggestions your doctor will make if it will help you be healthier. Of course, exercise can’t do it alone, but with a good meal plan, exercise can put you in the necessary caloric-deficit to lose fat.

Increase Strength

It’s more commonly referred to as building muscles, but sometimes people confuse building muscles with adding bulk, which is less desirable for some. In truth, increasing your strength, or strength training, can help prevent injury, aid in the goal of fat loss more effectively, and give you a stronger center to improve your posture and your overall health.

Endurance Training

Getting winded by climbing a flight of stairs is embarrassing. Being unable to chase after your kids or keep up with your peers is disheartening. Exercise can help you improve your endurance so that you can tolerate activities for more extended periods of time. Building your endurance inadvertently helps improve your heart health as well.

Improved Flexibility

There is nothing quite as painful as being inflexible. The funny thing about lacking flexibility is that tight muscles shorten your range of motion, making your attempts to be more flexible difficult and painful, so in turn, you’re less likely to do them. So, you get less and less flexible in a vicious cycle. 

Thankfully, if you push past this cycle, doing more exercises to increase your flexibility has a cyclical effect to help you reach your goals as well.

Muscle Tone

Sometimes you can lose all the fat and weight you want to, but you still don’t look like you want to look. Other times, you may not need to lose fat, but you do want to have more definition in your body and increase your muscle tone. 

Each of these goals is a great reason to exercise, and they all require commitment and effort. So, can an outdoor elliptical bike be the perfect workout to achieve any and all of these common goals? 

Benefits of the Outdoor Elliptical Bike 

The outdoor elliptical bike has so many benefits in addition to the traditional benefits of an elliptical. In case you need any motivation to take this great workout outdoors, here are the benefits of the outdoor elliptical bike, like StreetStrider

  • Low impact on your joints
  • Higher calorie burn than bicycling or stationary ellipticals
  • Cardio that conditions your heart and improves your heart health
  • Improves muscle building throughout your whole body
  • Supports bone-strengthening from the weight-bearing stance
  • Posture improving natural upright position
  • Helps support mental wellness through outdoor exercise

So, the outdoor elliptical bike is the perfect piece of equipment to get the perfect workout, but what does the perfect 30-minute workout look like on the outdoor elliptical bike?

The Perfect 30-Minute Workout 

The perfect 30-minute workout includes a warmup, the body of the workout, and a cooldown. You should alter the body of the workout to meet your specific goals and match your fitness level. Remember that the perfect match for your fitness level will cause you to exert the correct amount of effort. You shouldn’t feel like you could do it forever, but you also shouldn’t be in pain or extreme discomfort. 

For most exercise goals, one of the best tactics is to employ intervals of varied effort and intensity. As you progress towards your goals, you will need to push yourself to increase your intensity and effort to see continued results. It’s good practice to keep a record of your workouts and results, so you will notice if you start to plateau in order to make adjustments.

  • 5-minute warmup 
  • 5 minutes at your moderate pace
  • 3 minutes at an intense pace
  • 2 minutes at your easiest pace
  • 5 minutes at your moderate pace
  • 3 minutes at an intense pace
  • 2 minutes at your easiest pace
  • 5-minute cooldown

  • In addition to the intervals in this workout, varying or increasing your resistance on the outdoor elliptical bike can challenge your muscles in a new way. Taking the workout outside to your neighborhood, your favorite bike path, a local park, or around town can vary the inclines of your workouts to improve your strength training, and the change in scenery keeps it fun and exciting.

    In Summary 

    Whatever your fitness goals and whatever your fitness levels, it is possible to get a perfect 30-minute workout. A workout that can fit into any schedule means it’s sustainable no matter how new you are to regular exercise. If you can find time to make a meal, you can find time to do a 30-minute workout.

    An outdoor elliptical bike allows you the freedom to do cardio, strengthen muscles, and take care of your joints while you have fun and get some healthy sunshine (with sunscreen on, of course). So, you can have the perfect workout.



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