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Fun Workouts: Why StreetStrider is a must

Fun Workouts: Why StreetStrider is a must

Working out for many is simply a chore that needs to be checked off on the to-do list for the day. A better way to work out is to find a fun workout method that is engaging and enjoyable to do. 

For some, this may mean taking up canoeing, hiking, biking, and other conventional outdoor activities. While these can be fun, they may not evoke the necessary wow factor to get people hooked. The StreetStrider is a unique bike, unlike anything else on the market. Below are seven reasons that the StreetStrider is a must. 


When you go out to the bike trails, you will most likely see a slew of bicycles in different forms. Most commonly, you’ll see street bikes, and less commonly, you’ll see the recumbent bicycle.

If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, the StreetStrider is the perfect choice. With three wheels, moving handlebars, and a lean-to-turn mechanism, you are sure to turn the heads of onlookers. The unique design and elliptical motion contribute to the immense fun factor experienced by the rider. 

The elliptically driven bike is not only fun to ride, but it also provides a full-body workout unlike any other device. The StreetStrider brings all the benefits of the elliptical machine and adds even more muscle activation. The lean-to-turn mechanism and need to balance contribute to more core engagement, resulting in a true full-body workout. 

If you are looking for a unique and different way to get your workouts in, the StreetStrider is a must. With its striking looks and unique manner of propulsion, you are sure to be the center of attention when you are out and about on your StreetStrider. 


Having a fun method to workout is important, but if you’re tied down to one location, it can decrease the amount of fun to be had. Workout machines like the elliptical can be fun; however, they can only be enjoyed in one spot as they are large, bulky, and not portable. 

The StreetStrider is a great method of getting a fun workout because of its portability. In fact, the StreetStrider can be even more portable than a standard bike as the low profile and small wheels allow for the StreetStrider to easily be placed in the back of most vehicles. To further aid in its portability, the StreetStrider 8s is constructed with an aluminum alloy, resulting in a five-kilogram weight savings from the i model street strider bikes. 

The portability factor of the StreetStrider allows you to fold it up with the quick release folding system, pack it up, and quickly deploy it at your destination. This freedom of portability allows you to bring the StreetStrider wherever you’d like. Bring it with you to the beach to cruise along the walkways, or bring it to your favorite bike trail. The options are truly limitless when it comes to where you can enjoy a fun workout on a StreetStrider. 


Having a standard bike is a fun way to get your physical exercise. However, it faces one large limitation. Standard bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow people to enjoy them according to their bodily dimensions. Tall people will typically need tall bikes, while shorter individuals will need shorter bikes. The issue arises when two people of different body dimensions want to enjoy the same bike. For a standard bike, this is not possible as the frame height cannot be adjusted. 

As a standing bike, the StreetStrider does not face this same challenge as it is completely adjustable to suit the proper proportions of nearly all riders. The StreetStrider, in this way, is a unique bike because of the ability for you to share the bike with whoever wants to take it for a spin. Simply adjust the handlebar height, and you're off, with no stubborn seat to adjust or frame to worry about. The StreetStrider is the perfect shareable at-home workout solution that the entire family can enjoy.

Green Transportation

Many fun workouts can be a great way to pass the time; however, they really only serve to be a fun way of staying active. A StreetStrider is able to be a fun workout while also acting as a means of green transportation. The StreetStrider is entirely driven through your own arms and legs, making it a great green solution to commuting from place to place. 

Utilizing the StreetStrider to commute to and from work is a great way to start and end the workday. With the optional Stride to Work Bundle, you can commute with all your necessities in style. The StreetStrider is a must if you are looking for a fun mode of transportation and want to incorporate a full-body workout along the way. 


The adaptability of the StreetStrider makes it a sure pick for a fun workout. The StreetStrider is able to go anywhere, work indoors or outdoors, climb hills, and carve the streets. You can even take your young children out for a ride to the park with the Stride with Your Child Bundle. The number of different ways to ride and use the StreetStrider makes it a truly versatile bike that can fit into anyone's lifestyle. 

The accessories are a great way to adapt the bike to your needs, but an added feature of the S models is that you can adjust the caster angle of the front tires. This allows you to tailor the lean-to turn mechanism to your liking, so you can change the way the StreetStrider behaves when turning. This gives you a tailored street carving experience, which, combined with the accessories, makes the StreetStrider immensely adaptable to you and your needs. 

Low Impact & Weight Bearing

There are very few low impact and weight-bearing activities available to those looking to get a fun outdoor exercise. Walking and aerobics can provide low impact and weight-bearing exercise; however, they can lack the excitement of activities like biking. 

The StreetStrider is a great option for those looking for low impact weight-bearing exercises as the elliptical motion of the bike is ideal for these criteria. During the elliptical motion, the feet never lose contact with the foot platforms, which is able to minimize any form of impact on the joints. This, combined with the upright positioning of the body, allows the StreetStrider to shine as a fun workout method for those needing extra help with their bone health. 

The low impact nature of the workout allows you to utilize the bike more without having to have sore joints. Additionally, the StreetStrider is able to give those with joint problems an opportunity to have a fun at-home workout that won’t cause them pain associated with high impact activities. 


The StreetStrider elliptical bike truly is a must-have when looking for a fun workout. The bike offers a unique experience, unlike anything else. The portability, endless adjustability, many accessories, and low impact weight-bearing exercise makes the StreetStrider the ideal pick for a fun workout machine. 

These seven reasons only scratch the surface of the fun to be had on a StreetStrider. Once you hop on the three-wheeled elliptical bike, you will truly understand why the StreetStrider is a must-have for a fun outdoor workout. 



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