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StreetStrider Receives Excellence Award for Innovation at 2010 TaiSPO May 2010

StreetStrider International proudly announces that its revolutionary StreetStrider ETX has received the Excellence Award for Innovation at the 2010 Taipei International Sporting Goods Show (TaiSPO).

More than 100 applicants were judged and only 8 walked away with an award. StreetStrider President and inventor David Kraus, PhD, and CEO Garrett Watkins were in Taiwan to receive the award.

“Receiving this award was quite an honor. We greatly appreciate all the help from our Taiwanese manufacturer, as it has truly been a team effort,” inventor Kraus said. “We hope that as more people learn about the StreetStrider and its many health benefits, they will recognize its quality and that it makes healthy exercise fun.”

The StreetStrider ETX, the world’s first mobile elliptical cross trainer, was awarded for its innovative and groundbreaking high performance and low impact design. The ETX is receiving recognition worldwide for its exhilarating handling, resulting from the stable three-wheel platform, intuitive lean-to-steer system, reciprocating arm levers, and foot platforms that move in an elliptical path.

“The ETX is ridden using a natural upright jogging motion,” Kraus explains.“It provides a fun total body workout while being outside, but without the anatomical stresses that you get with bicycling or running.”
StreetStriding also provides high cardiovascular benefit and has been shown to burn more than 1,000 calories per hour. Users can ride the ETX indoors with the optional stationary trainer stand.

“It was a great privilege to see Dave receive the award,” CEO Watkins said. The Streetstrider is a great alternative to the stationary elliptical cross trainer and it delivers a better workout than the fitness bicycles which have been around for years. I believe the Streetstrider is the best innovation to emerge within the last decade because it makes a one-dimensional boring activity a thing of the past. What’s even more important is the fact that the Streetstrider is “green” transportation which helps people experience self-sufficient living every day. No more driving to the gym to workout, it’s simply a wiser choice for those who care about their health and care about the environment we live in.”