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”I’m not a rider, I’m a Strider!” - StreetStrider featured on ABC’s Modern Family

StreetStrider International is proud to announce that Modern Family’s Phil Dunphee loves his StreetStrider because as he says it’s "an extremely efficient cardiovascular workout that could prolong my life!"

ABC’s 3-time Emmy winning series Modern Family brings the StreetStrider into your home in 'Yard Sale', Episode 6 Season 4.

Phil Dunphee recognizes the many health benefits of StreetStriding and wants to ‘get a little exercise’ by striding to his father-in-law’s house where Jay and Gloria are holding a yard sale. Phil’s wife Claire gives him a hard time about his StreetStrider, and later encourages Phil to be more sexy by riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle did not work out to well for Phill and in the end he tells Claire, "I’m not a rider, I’m a Strider!"

This unsolicited product placement came about organically as the Modern Family cast and crew learned about the StreetStrider from one of their own, and writer Abraham Higgenbotham included the StreetStrider in his ‘Yard Sale’ script. The StreetStrider team delivered multiple StreetStrider’s to Fox Studios for Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphee) to train on. Burrell picked up the motion right away and was a professional strider within minutes!