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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I buy a StreetStrider?

We are a direct to consumer business. The best way to buy a StreetStrider is right here, on our website.

Purchase online yourself, or a StreetStrider professional can help you place your order by calling 1-800-348-0998.

Can I see the StreetStrider in retail locations?

No. We are a direct to consumer business. Selling direct to our customer’s doorstep and avoiding retail outlets allows us to offer the lowest prices possible. We are so confident that you will love the StreetStrider outdoor elliptical experience that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. has quickly become the leading destination for anyone interested in low impact exercise, a FUN outdoor adventure - or all of the above!

How much is shipping and handling?

Nothing! We offer FREE SHIPPING on all StreetStriders.

Shipping rates on other accessories vary on size and weight and you will be able to see the shipping rate when checking out of our online store.

Performance (8)

Is the StreetStrider street legal?

Yes. The StreetStrider’s front wheel base is the same width as the handle bars on the bicycle, which means it will fit in a standard bike lane. Also, the StreetStrider is human powered just like a bicycle or trike, so feel free to stride anywhere!

Can you climb hills?

Yes you can! Hill climbing ability depends on gear choice and rider conditioning. Also, the foot platforms on all StreetStriders are designed with a rear tilt that lets you push backward on the foot platforms while you lean forward to climb hills, giving you more hill climbing power.

Summit 8r – The Summit 8r has 8 gears with the widest gear range. Summit gears 1-3 are the best choices for climbing steep hills.

Sprinter 3r – The Sprinter 3r has 3 gears that are similar to the higher Summit 8r gears:
Sprinter 1 = Summit 4 (Sprinter gear 1 allows you to climb moderate hills, but you can climb steeper hills if you are in good shape.)
Sprinter 2 = Summit 6
Sprinter 3 = Summit 8

Can you coast on a StreetStrider like you can on a bicycle?

Yes, the hubs of all StreetStriders allow you to coast just like you would on a bicycle. Coasting downhill on a StreetStrider is like skiing downhill!

What is the cruising speed and max speed?

StreetStriding speed depends on gear selection and rotation frequency of the foot platforms. For comparison purposes, the following are speeds that can be achieved in highest gear at 60 rpm:

Summit 8r – 19 mph
Sprinter 3r – 18 mph

To go slower, decrease your rotation frequency and/or gear down. To go faster, increase your rotation frequency.

How many calories can you burn per hour on a StreetStrider?

Because StreetStriding is low impact and uses nearly all muscles, it is an excellent cardio-vascular and aerobic exercise that burns lots of calories and can be repeated on a daily basis. Studies have shown that calorie burn rate while StreetStriding is 50% higher than bicycling and 15% higher than riding a stationary elliptical cross trainer. Actual calorie burn rate depends on two things: body weight and velocity. A 200 lb person striding 12 mph will burn 1000 calories per hour.

Can I use the StreetStrider indoors?

Yes! Both the Summit 8r and Sprinter 3r can be used inside with the Indoor Package, making the StreetStrider the world’s first 2-in-1 outdoor/indoor elliptical machine. The Indoor Package allows you to transform your StreetStrider into an indoor elliptical machine in just seconds. With up to 8 different resistance levels, you can find the perfect setting for an intense indoor elliptical experience any time you want, rain or shine. The Indoor Package includes the Universal Trainer Stand, Variable Resistance Controller, Front Wheel Riser Blocks, and Training Mat.

Is it safe?

By following best practices listed in our Owners Manual and common to all human-powered vehicles such as bicycles, you can be safe while riding a StreetStrider. In addition, the 3-wheel platform makes the StreetStrider stable and easy to balance. Also, because you are upright on a StreetStrider, you can easily see and be seen in traffic.

Download the Summit 8r/Sprinter 3r Owners Manual

Is it hard to balance?

The 3-wheel platform of the StreetStrider makes it safe, stable and easy to balance. You can remain up on the StreetStrider even when you’re not moving. The lean-to-steer mechanism becomes intuitive after a short learning curve, making the StreetStrider easy to manipulate down paths and through traffic.

Assembly/Warranty (5)

Does the StreetStrider have a warranty?

Yes the StreetStrider has warranties for the following:

Frame – 3 years


Shimano Nexus 8-speed , 3-speed (Summit 8r, Sprinter 3r) – 2 years

Click Here for more Warranty Information

What tools are needed to assemble the StreetStrider?

When you receive your StreetStrider, it will be partially assembled in a box that also contains a tool kit with the tools necessary for assembly. The tools in each kit depend on the StreetStrider model, and are:

Summit 8r and Sprinter 3r:
19 mm socket wrench
open end wrenches – 8, 12, 14, 15, 17 mm
hex wrenches – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm

We also offer the White Glove Service if you would like professional help with the assembly process.

How/Where can I get my StreetStrider serviced?

Your StreetStrider comes with standard bicycling components in terms of brakes, transmissions and wheels, so service can be done at any bicycle shop. Adjustments specific to the StreetStrider, such as front wheel alignment and pivot joint maintenance, can also be done by bicycle mechanics, especially if they are provided with an Owners Manual. We also have numerous StreetStrider Workshop Videos in the support section of our website. Our StreetStrider professionals at 1-800-348-0998 are also happy to help you with any questions you might have.

For a list of StreetStrider service centers see this page.

What is the White Glove Service?

The White Glove Service ensures that your StreetStrider is professionally assembled and tuned by a bike technician in your area. When you purchase White Glove Service, we will locate a bike shop near your shipping address that will receive and assemble your StreetStrider. The bike shop will then contact you when your StreetStrider is fully assembled and ready for pick up. White Glove Service may add a few extra days to your delivery time, but it is well worth it. The bike shop can become your service center.

Can I assemble the StreetStrider myself?

Yes you can assemble your StreetStrider yourself. Most components on the StreetStrider are standard bicycle components, plus your StreetStrider comes with a tool kit for assembly, an Owners Manual with assembly instructions and a DVD with assembly videos. Many people choose to assemble their own StreetStriders, for several reasons.

They are handy with tools and like the challenge.
They want to become well-acquainted with their StreetStrider.

Assembly can take as little as 45 minutes. Our StreetStrider professionals at 800.348.0998 are also happy to help you with any questions you might have.

Download the Summit 8r/Sprinter 3r Owners Manual

Patent (1)

Do you guys have a patent?

Yes, HPN Holdings, Inc., the holding company of StreetStrider International LLC, holds the patent for the StreetStrider in the following countries:

US 7,803,090 & 8,535,206
Australia 2006265891
China 603,949
European Union 06785998.3

Specs/Features (6)

What is the difference between the different models?

Summit 8r – Our top-of-the-line Summit 8r is built with a heavy duty aircraft grade 3-in-1 aluminum tubing frame. It has 90 mm front drum brakes, can handle up to 400 lb, and has 8 gears for steep hill climbing ability and that allow you to change your resistance levels, providing the ultimate workout. The Summit 8r is perfect for striding anywhere, from the urban commute to the open road, even with the steepest hills.

Sprinter 3r – The Sprinter 3r is also built with a heavy duty aircraft grade 3-in-1 aluminum tubing frame. It has 70 mm front drum brakes, can handle up to 350 lb, and has 3 gears for moderate hill climbing ability and that allow you to change your resistance level. The Sprinter 3r is perfect for striding over less-demanding terrain, including neighborhoods or roads with moderate hills.

What is the Stride length?

The stride length of any pedaled vehicle with a single crank is twice the length of the crank. The stride length for all StreetStriders is 340 mm / 13.4 in

What is the weight capacity?

StreetStrider weight capacities are the following:

Summit 8r – 400 lb
Sprinter 3r – 350 lb

What is the height limit?

All StreetStrider models can be adjusted for height by raising or lowering the arm levers. Never raise the arm levers above the limit lines, delineated by ‘MIN INSERT’ or ‘MIN’. StreetStrider recommended height ranges are:

Summit 8r and Sprinter 3r – ~5’2” to ~6’5”
Arm lever height is adjusted with tools that loosen and then retighten the clamp when adjusted correctly.
Limit line can be easily seen by the absence of paint.

How much does it weigh?

StreetStrider weights are the following:

Summit 8r – 51.2 lb
Sprinter 3r – 51.2 lb

What color options are available?

StreetStrider color options are the following:

Summit 8r – Breakwater Blue, Galaxy Black, Solar Yellow
Sprinter 3r – Lightning Silver, Wild Raspberry

Transport (3)

How do you transport a StreetStrider?

StreetStriders can be transported several ways:

They can be folded down and fit inside some cars and/or trucks.

We also offer the StreetStrider Hitch Rack,

All adult models fit on our Roll-on Hitch Rack, which is designed to transport the StreetStrider when not folded down and fits into any 2″ hitch receiver.

Can I fold it down?

All StreetStriders are foldable at the fold joint for transportation or storage:

Summit 8r and Sprinter 3r – Folding requires tools to remove 2 bolts and cap screws and loosen a third, and to rotate the left crank arm to be parallel to the right crank arm.

What do I use to lock up my StreetStrider?

We offer a StreetStrider Heavy Duty Coil Cable Lock for locking your StreetStrider to a bike rack or for locking your two front wheels together.

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