Wireless Controller / SST-01-WC


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Wireless Controller is a cyclo-computer that controls resistance level of the Universal Trainer and provides real time, distance, velocity, cadence, temperature, calorie burn rate as well as accumulated or maximum values for these parameters. It can also link to and display beats per minute from a standard heart rate monitor chest strap.

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  • 1. Battery: Lithium CR2032 x 2
  • 2. Battery life: WC - approx 1 year, SCS - approx 6 months, if used 1 hr per day (battery life will vary depending on conditions of use)
  • 3. Controller: 8-bite, 1-chip microcomputer (Crystal controlled oscillator)
  • 4. Display: Liquid crystal display
  • 5. Sensor: No contact magnetic sensor
  • 6. Transmission: Between 20 to 150 cm
  • 7. Wheel circumference: 798 mm ~ 3192 mm (20.5” rear wheel is 64.4” or 1450 mm circumference)
  • 8. Working temperature: 30-104°F (0-40°C), display malfunction when used beyond temp range
*Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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