Compare to other exercises

How does the StreetStrider compare to other exercise options?

Find out why Steven J. Waltrip, M.D. who practices physical medicine and rehabilitation, recommends the StreetStrider to his patients.


StreetStrider vs. Bicycle

  • A bicycle is powered using only your legs, so it does not give you the same full body workout as the StreetStrider.
  • The StreetStrider is powered by working your arms, legs and your core muscles. Not only are you getting a full body workout, you are burning 50% more calories using a StreetStrider than you would riding a bicycle.
  • The hunched-over position on a bicycle is unhealthy and uncomfortable due to pressure on the groin, wrists, back and other sensitive areas. (You know what we mean)
  • The natural upright position on the StreetStrider is comfortable and also provides excellent visibility when striding.

StreetStrider vs. Stationary Elliptical Machine

  • The stationary elliptical cross trainer provides a great low impact jogging-like exercise motion, but because you’re stationary it does workout your core muscles.
  • The StreetStrider features the patent protected lean-to-steer turning system and keeps your core muscles engaged the entire time. You are working your abdominal muscles, obliques, hip flexors and lower back muscles, something the stationary elliptical cannot do.
  • The biggest difference though is that there is no adventure or fun factor on a stationary elliptical. You’re stuck inside! This is why gyms provide big screen TV’s to reduce boredom and make you feel like you are not stuck in one place.
  • On the StreetStrider, you create your own workout adventure. There is no better feeling than getting a low impact full body elliptical workout with the sun shining and wind blowing through your hair!

StreetStrider vs. Running

  • Walking, jogging and running are great ways to exercise, however, the impact of pounding the pavement over a lifetime will damage your knees, ankles, and back.
  • The repetitive motion of your feet striking the ground along with the impact of your weight can lead to painful conditions in the body like tendonitis, arthritis, and joint damage.
  • The StreetStrider provides the same motion as jogging, but without the joint impact. Your feet remain in constant contact with the foot platforms so your knees, back, feet and hips don't take the pounding that you experience when running, jogging and even walking.
  • The low impact jogging motion makes the StreetStrider ideal for daily training and physical rehabilitation from repetitive stress and/or traumatic injuries.

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